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  5. "Она хороший человек."

"Она хороший человек."

Translation:She is a good person.

December 14, 2015



So am I correct in noting here that "хороший" is masculine, even though it is "она", and the reason for this is that "человек" is masculine, and has no feminine form?


Yes, you're right.



For the record, does "человекая" mean anything at all, or it is not even a word. I was told in another thread that changing professions to the feminine makes it sound somewhat belittling.


It's not even a word. But sounds a bit like "человеческая", feminine form of adjective "человеческий". For example, Человеческая еда = human food


My wife is Russian and is in favour of using the feminine forms for female professionals - otherwise it sounds like only men can be doctors, directors &c. There isn't a feminine form for человек, and she says that word is used mostly about men - if you mention a woman, she will usually be explicitly женщина rather than человек : (.


Yes, an Она хорошая женщина is much more common phrase.


A question to English native speaker - you never say "a good man" about a woman? Doeasn't "man" mean also a human? Not only male.


Man in English can only be masculine. You would say she is a good woman, person, or human (being).


You will see "man" be used casually as "person" in many sentences even though it technically means a male person. Generally you only need to be careful when you're referring to a specific person that you get the right pronoun.


Does anybody else hear "Анна" instead of "она", too? :)


I asked my Uzbek, Kazahk and Belorussian friends and they told me that Человек is only used for men, but that there are some gender-ideologues trying to teach this to non-Russian speakers to modify language, even though it is nowhere used by the people in ex Soviet Republics.

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