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I have finish my turkish tree in seven days

hello guys ,

I am here to announce that I have finished my Turkish tree in 7 days. It is not all gold yet, but I am working forward to reach this point.

çok mutluyum çünkü çok duolingo ile ögrendim....herkes tessekkür etmek istiyorum :)

December 14, 2015



الغريب في الموضوع أن 3 من يلي ردو عرب هههه tebrik ederim, senin için çok mutluyum


no you havent, your on level 9


Maybe she/he took a shortcut test, when you take a shortcut test, you finish the tree and your level is 9 or 10 :D


I just dıd somethıng really ıntensıve


How many hours a day did you study? Do you think you will remember it all? I am really impressed. I could never do it.


about 3 or 4 hours a day...and no I don't remember all...of course I have to revise, and of course I know duolingo alone will bring me to fluency...but it has good gramar points in my opinion


Me too, especially Turkish. Turkish is a hard language even it can be something similar to Arabic which is my mother tongue, but it is hard :(


Congratulations!!!!! {@style = color:navy; text-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #110}


You can take the 'test out' shortcut and finish a tree in 2-3 days, as I did with German, but the shortcut cannot be done without previous knowledge (or google translator :D). However, when learning a new language, you really have to stay focused to be able to absorb such an extensive amount of grammar/vocabulary lessons. Having that said, it's impossible to remember even 1% of the new language in a week using only the app. I started learning Turkish a week ago and I'm now on the 6th level, but I practice it over and over and write down vocabulary and grammar rules, otherwise I would forget it. What I wanted to say was that it is not important how fast you go through the lessons, the important thing is to remember it.

Kolay gelsin!


Wow! What is your native language?


Wow so nothing even close to Turkish! Great job!


You learned nothing in seven days. so, all of us who spend more than a year are fools?

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