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  5. "Idę do szkoły."

"Idę do szkoły."

Translation:I am going to school.

December 14, 2015



The trouble is that 'I go to school' can also mean 'I am going, right now, in this moment'. It is old-fashioned, but still correct.


"I walk to school" just got marked wrong. Am i right to be annoyed?


Not really, ill try to tell you why. The verb IŚĆ means TO GO, right? BUT it doesnt explain how you go, just that you go. Now, the problem is when in english you say I GO BY BUS, the verb is GO but in polish TO GO by a bus, car, etc is JECHAC/JEŹDZIĆ (to go by any means of transport) If you think that you are going on foot (to go walking) the verb can be CHODZIĆ if you do it repeatedly, like every week, day, etc. Thats why you cant say I WALK TO SCHOOL because that particular sentece in poland implies that you go regurlarly since you dont hace any word that says otherwise (like -I WALK TO SCHOOL NOW-) In the last case you can write Idę do szkoły teraz, meaning I go (walking) to school now, or Chodzę do szkoły, I go (walking) to school (regularly). You could say Idę do szkoły piechotą (I go to school by foot) but the same problem presents as in Idę do szkoły without the NOW. Is difficult to understand because in polish the verb to walk doesnt exists.

After saying all this, if the situation is right, you just can simply not pay attention to it and translate it like I walk to school and everyone will understand anyway :)


This is a very helpful comment. Thank you.


why is school in the genitive case? I would think going to school (depending on exactly what you're trying to say) would be either dative or, more likely, accusative, and this isn't clear to me


The preposition "do" always takes Genitive.


I think 'I go to school' is also a fair translation. I live in Poland and its used even if the correct tense is Chodzę do szkoły


It isn't. Chodzę is regular activity, idę not.


Does "chodzę" mean something like walk or attend?


In this context "I walk to school" does in fact mean "I attend school", although the more literal translation of the latter would be "Uczęszczam do szkoły".


i typed in polish but keeps telling me i typed in english. Can't move on past it


Hi Jellei, I had presumed that you were a Polish native speaker- you know so much, where are you from?


He is. In his comment he was referring to the nuances of English grammar.

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