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  5. "Orhan Bey komşumuzdur."

"Orhan Bey komşumuzdur."

Translation:Mr. Orhan is our neighbour.

December 14, 2015



Bey means Mr? The exact same word in Urdu is used to talk to someone disrespectfully. This is really strange because there are a lot of similar words in these languages.


Hindi follows same bhai !!


So it seems they put titles after the name. Does that mean Turks normally say their family name first and their given name last?

For example, would Recep Tayyip Erdogan be Erdogan Recep Tayyip?


no we never do that.

we just use our family names less often. It is very unusual to use only family name actually, we either use both or only the first name when we introduce ourselves or when someone is talking to us/introducing us. The only exception is politicians, but even then it is often still normal to say "[First Name] Hanım/Bey" instead of "Sayın [Family name]".


Teşekkürler cevabin için. Ben bunu macarca ve Japonca bakiyorum. Budapest'de Deak Ferenc Ter diyorlar, ama ben Ferenc Deak Ter diyorum, çünkü Amerikayım.

Ich habe das wahrscheinlich verbockt. haha

[deactivated user]

    No,we don't but there are exceptions.


    teşekkürler cevabinin için. (Is that right?)

    [deactivated user]

      CevabIN :)

      ...and you're welcome


      Could I say just "Orhan Bey konşumuz"?


      Duo obviously doesn't think so


      What is the purpose of the "dur" at the end?


      I'm not sure but I realised they use dir/dur at the end of the word to support that this information is a fact. like Orhan bey is their neighbor and it's a fact. also maybe the "i" in dir replaced to be "u" instead because of the "u" in the end of the word komşumuz. but i'm really not sure of my explanation, hopefully anybody would correct me if i'm wrong :)


      Having taught English in Turkey, I disagree with translating bey as Mr. Mr goes with a surname while bey (and hanım) go with the first name. They're not equivalent and I would discourage you from translating them that way.

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