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  5. "The engineer works with me."

"The engineer works with me."

Translation:Ingeniøren jobber med meg.

December 14, 2015



What is the difference between "jobber" and "arbieder"


Why can't we say "ingeniøren arbeider med meg" ?

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If the engineer in question is a woman, can you also say "ingeniøra"?


There are other ways of signaling actual gender. Adding -inne often does the trick. A female teacher lærerinne vs lærer, a stewardess flyvertinne vs flyvert. Or if the word includes -man just change it to -woman. Like policeman politimann vs policewoman politikvinne.

It doesn't apply for a whole lot of occupations/titles, and nowadays it is political correct to use gender neutral terms. Which often means you use the one that doesn't have -inne attached (for flyvertinne I'm a bit unsure of what the consensus is). Or for terms like politimann the terms differ to fit the profession, politibetjent police officer/sergeant. Foreman formann usually has become leder, leader.

There's a lot of fuss these days to figure out a gender neutral term for "midwife", jordmor, PC goes both ways:)


Nope. Grammatical gender ≠ gender of the person.


Is the engineer Howard Wallowitz?


Random Big Bang Theory reference?

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