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2+ years of Polish courses, still tested no skills on Duolingo

I don't know if anyone else had a similar problem, but I am a bit bugged: I took more than two years of Polish courses and am currently taking one on level B1, so overall I'd guesstimate my Polish capabilities a bit over "A beer, please" and "My name is...". Despite that, the intro test to the Polish course here said I did not test out of any skills. So now I have to take everything again. Everything. And it's frustrating - I mean I do love Polish, that's why I'm here, but to start from the very beginning...

December 14, 2015



Polish is my mother tongue and I failed the placement test as well.

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Cheer up... There are still errors, I made placement test several times and I have reported at least 20 errors. Many of them were caused by limiting the correct answer to "It" or "This", while both were correct, or limiting the sequence of words in phrase. The placement test requires also a fluent knowledge of English (I failed several tasks because of misuse of a/an, the, or lack of them - not because of lacks in understanding of Polish) - but as you are a native speaker, this probably is not your problem ;-).

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I understand your frustration – I am B2 in Russian and I still struggled to pass the placement test there. I think it took me somewhere between 15 and 20 attempts. Ouch.

However, this is partly because of the very nature of Slavic languages – it is very easy to get some endings wrong when you are dealing with 3 (or 5) genders and 7 cases, even if you perfectly understand the sentence.

Combine that with how placement tests work – no hints and little tolerance of errors – and it is easy to see why passing is so difficult... I would say the system needs an overhaul, but it is up to the Duolingo staff.


From what I've heard about previous courses new courses placement tests don't seem to work well. Just try testing out of skills :)


Thank you for your tip - I just found out that testing out of skills is an option as well. This helps out a lot, actually.


You should also consider that this is still in beta. I've reached the last check point and I've come across a great deal of answers that should be accepted but aren't. Anyways think of it as a review. I'm sure you'll breeze through at least the first half of the tree with 2 years of experience under your belt.


I agree; so many of my answers aren't accepted. In particular, the distinction between 'this' and 'that' in English.


I didn't even bother with the placement test even though I studied Polish for about a year a few years ago. I really enjoyed it as review. I didn't even try to test out of individual skills. I just did the first 6 levels in one evening. It was great fun. Polish is a very tricky language compared to many, so I am not surprised it's harder to test out than it is for some other languages, like I found it very easy to test out of most of the Spanish tree, but Spanish has a much lower level of complexity than Polish (not to say Spanish isn't complex - Polish is just very very complex).


But it can't be said that the placement test is impossible. I did pass it, but even as a native with probably a quite good spelling, I still did some mistakes (mostly by carelessness and not realising at first that this course does require articles for English).

Much later taking shortcuts was more challenging, I did not always pass on the first time, again due to not being extremely careful or coming up with translations not yet included (some of them are now accepted after reports).

And eventually I did it, I've completed the entire tree today. Okay, maybe I did not learn what I didn't know already, as I did it mostly for helping with tests (and to inflate my lingots count :)), but I'm glad my contribution did help make the course at least a little more completed.


I had to start at a low place in Spanish, even though I had taken a year of it in school.


It's probably only because it's a new course that needs some polishing here and there. When Dutch came out, I couldn't pass the placement test either, being a native speaker.


Part of it might be that some correct translations weren't accepted because they haven't been added yet. Same thing happened to me in Russian. What you can do is test out of individual categories, though, rather than taking every single lesson.

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