"Alt har blitt så dyrt."

Translation:Everything has become so expensive.

December 14, 2015

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Norway has an international reputation as an expensive place. How do Norwegians feel about that? Is Norway expensive for Norwegians?


Well, I'm not from Norway, but I'm quite sure the salaries are also accordingly high. Though certain things like liquor are still expensive :P



While the prices can seem exorbitant to tourists, Norwegian residents can generally afford to pay them. The things that are expensive when adjusted for income level fall into two camps:

  • Those that are heavily taxed: alcohol, cigarettes... candy and soda, non-electric cars and fossil fuel to a lesser degree.
  • Services reliant on human resources who would be subject to social dumping in countries used for comparison: Yes, eating out or going to a bar is expensive in Norway, but that means that the waiters, chefs and bartenders get decent wages to live off without having to worry about tips or juggling three jobs to make ends meet. I'm happy to pay for that. :)


I was told by some Norwegians once that Norwegians never holiday in Norway because it's too expensive. :)


Unless you consider a trip to Hytta a holiday!


Why not everything's instead of everything has?


It's difficult for us to keep up with all the non-standard contractions. If you have one you want accepted, just report it through the report funciton and we'll review it.

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