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"Sprzedaję moją starą komórkę."

Translation:I am selling my old cellphone.

December 14, 2015



this was reported two months ago

mobile as komorke is in the other sentences


I think cellphone is an outdated word. mobile phone or just mobile is more normal today


Possible, but 'cellphone' etymologically is like the Polish word. 'komórka' in fact means 'a cell' as well. You can answer with "mobile phone" or "mobile".


Is it possiblr that this also means "I am selling my old shed"?


I understand where you're headed, but even if we assume "komórka" is a place here, I don't think that "shed" is the right term, I'd translate it to "szopa".


If this were to be negative plural, would it be "nie sprzedaję moich starych komórek"? Z góry dziękuję


smartphone should be considered correct


I guess almost every cellphone is a smartphone nowadays... ok, added.

The word is 'polonized' to "smartfon". As many words describing new technologies, there is no agreement whether to treat it as grammatically animate or not, so I'd consider both "Sprzedaję mój stary smartfon" (inanimate) and "Sprzedaję mojego starego smartfona" (animate) correct. I'd use the second version though and I believe it's more common.

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