"Я жив у Одесі."

Translation:I lived in Odesa.

December 14, 2015

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Is "Odesa" a legitimate English spelling as well?


It would make sense, since they insist on the Ukrainian transliteration of Kyiv even though Kiev is probably the more common of the two.


That I think is totally legitimate, by analogy with using Gdansk instead of Danzig. But Odesa is less clear-cut; the language you'll most often find spoken on the streets is Russian, in which it's spelt with two s's... so do we transliterate that, or...?


I am not sure why the Duolingo creators are using this spelling; I think they're trying to promote a direct transliteration of the Ukrainian Cyrillic spellings in place names (as noted with 'Kyiv' above). I am a native speaker of English, and all my life I have seen the spellings as "Odessa" and "Kiev."


I agree. This course should be teaching us Ukrainian, not imposing new norms on English spellings of Ukrainian things. So for me it is Odessa and Kiev


Guys this is not Russian course.

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