"Do you have bread?"

Translation:As-tu du pain ?

January 10, 2013



I chose "As-tu le pain?" which I'm assuming is wrong because it has "le" rather than "du." "As-tu du pain" also means do you have bread, right?

January 10, 2013


"As-tu le pain?" would mean "Do you have THE bread?"

January 29, 2013


Yeah, du (or de la, de l' and des, depending on the context) is used to mean an unspecified or uncountable amount. Le (or la, l' and les, depending on the context) is used to mean a specified or countable amount.


As-tu le pain = Do you have the bread

As-tu du pain = Do you have (some) bread

January 22, 2015


Mine has "du" where you have "le" so I think you were right.

April 27, 2015


since du = de+le. why should this be as-tu du pain and not as-tu de pain?

January 5, 2014


From what i can tell La/le is used to refer to a specific peice of bread or a specific quantity. De la or Du are used when there is no specific quantity...i.e. they are eating some bread..just bread not a specific bread that ia being referred to in the conversation

March 26, 2014


Why not correct des pain

January 5, 2015


I used "Vous avez du pain?" That was accepted. Is that really the same as using "as-tu le pain"?

April 4, 2014


"you" can be either singular or plural and hence both Avez vous and As tu are correct

April 26, 2014


I chose est ce que tu as du pain which was also correct. Is mine more formal I wonder

January 1, 2015


Do all questions in French have a hyphen? Like as-tu, mangent-elles, manges-tu, etc?

January 3, 2015


sorry that I didn't put a ? i still typed it right

May 18, 2015


mine was multiple choice, I picked the correct one and it told me it was wrong.

August 23, 2015
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