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  5. "Where is the office?"

"Where is the office?"

Translation:Где офис?

December 14, 2015



why not : gde etot ofis ??? it's writen the office !!


"Где этот офис?" is "Where is this office?" or "Where is that office?"


Thanks but I don't understand the difference between : э́тот мужчи́на (this is the man) and э́то мужчи́на (this is a man). So I thought the "T" was for "the" And about "that" isn't it тот instead of э́тот ?


"Этот мужчина " translates to "this man" , "Это мужчина." translates to "This is a man." This post should help clarify it for you :)


Thanks! it's this "this" that disturbs me. So to say "Этот мужчина" it's "this man" and to say "Это мужчина" it's "this is a man" or "he is a man". Can I say also "this is the man" or "he is the man" ? or is it only "a man" and not "the" ?


In Russian, there is no article, definite or indefinite. So "это мужчина" means either "this is a man" or "this is the man." With practice, you'll get used to the absence of articles, and sometimes even personal possessives, for example: "Где ключи" would generally mean "Where are my keys," unless the context suggests otherwise.


So and what the difference in Russian between "where is the office" and "where is an office"?


dude... i have some dyslexia... i read english 'Office' as 'Coffee' i hate dyslexia


Is there a way to get around not having a russin Russian keyboard? It wont seem to accept my phonetic attempts for this one


I wish there was. It doesn't except mine either. I don't think there is a way, though


Either virtual keyboard on your pc screen or mobile application


Why in some other examples of 'where is' there must have been где есть (without есть it was incorrect), and here где is enough, without есть?

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