"I do not want to visit anyone."

Translation:Nie chcę nikogo odwiedzać.

December 14, 2015

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It is hard to derive from the English sentence whether the correct form is 'Nie chce nikogo ODWIEDZAC' or 'Nie chce nikogo ODWIEDZIC'. In my opinion, both should be correct..


This gives me corona vibes


How would you say "I dont want anyone to visit (me)" ?


"Nie chcę żeby mnie nikt/ktoś/ktokolwiek odwiedzał" (no one/someone/anyone)


If you don't mind. What is the difference between aby and żeby ? Thxs


No difference, they mean the same. "żeby" is the most common, "aby" is a bit bookish. There's also "by".


I only regret that I can only upvote this once. Sometimes you come across the answer to a question you've literally had for years in the comments of a totally unrelated question, and it's pure gold. Thanks Jellei!


I kind of feel like this lesson came from nowhere and I'm not prepared. Did I miss something?


What is the difference between the two infinitives odwiedziC and OdwiedzaC ?


"odwiedzić" is perfective (mostly: to visit once, on a specific occasion), "odwiedzać" is imperfective (mostly: to visit many times, on multiple occasions).

In a negated sentence like this, I'd consider imperfective "odwiedzać" to be more likely, that would suggest "not wanting to visit anyone, at all".

"odwiedzić" is also accepted here, but it doesn't seem very likely to me. We could say that it's "No, today I don't feel like going anywhere, I don't want to visit anyone right now".


Nie chcę żadnego odwiedzać. Can I use żadnego here?


Your sentence is kinda correct, but it would need to be put in a larger context and it would mean "I do not want to visit any of them", with "them" being known from the context, and then it would need to refer to something grammatically masculine or neuter. So let's say "You told me that we need to visit one of those banks and ask for a loan there... I don't want to visit any of them!".

Not a very likely sentence, I'd say.


Dzięki za wyjaśnienie~

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