"He is."

Translation:On jest.

December 14, 2015



He is = On jest. I can't understand why do they translate it as a single word "jest"!? I would understand it if there was a question " Is Jola/Marek at home" the short answer would be" Jest".


Well, technically we can omit the pronoun even in 3rd person. And actually your example is good (if we take Marek): For an English question "Is Marek at home" the answer is "He is", and in Polish the answer can easily be "Jest".


Hey this is starting to make sence


On jest Ona jest Ono jest


Excuse me but you are meant to say On Jest, and yes I am Polish


I thought jest meant 'is' on it's own...?


Polish verbs don't usually need the personal pronoun to be stated, so it can mean is, he is, she is, it is and even you are (but only when used with the the pronouns pan/pani). So jest (and other verbs in the 3rd person) often do include the pronoun to clear up any ambiguity, but it's not incorrect to omit them (when referring to he/she/it, the formal you always includes the pronoun).


jest does never mean you are.


So pan/pani jest never means you are?


Oh, no, pan/pani jest means you are. My bad. But it's specific, you know. I mean, normal usage of jest can't be used as you are elsewhere than in the formal, polite talk. And if you say about something else, you can omit on/ona/ono etc., so you have jest. However, when you want to say (pan/i) jest, you can not omit pan/i.


Oh okay, I see what you're saying. Edited my original post to (hopefully) make it a little less confusing.


It's probably safer to say, that in formal speech we use third person with gender and number appropriate pronoun (pan/pani/panie/panowie/państwo and a few more that are less common). And it's not just for this one verb, but in general.


Dlaczego nie ma on


Bo nie jest potrzebne.

Because it's not necessary.


Moim zdaniem jest potrzebne. Samo jest nie oddaje sensu całości. Kto jest? On, ona czy ono?


Starting to make sense!


Ja jestem Ty jesteś On/ona/ona jest my jesteśmy wy jesteście oni są


Would "jest on" mean anything? Perhaps something like "he's the one_?


Gramatically, „jest on” and „on jest” have the same meaning. You wouldn't see „jest on” in a single, independent sentence, but in some longer writing you may encounter such inversion to make the text flow better.


I'm from Poland and no, it don't really make much sense in common language


Uważam, że w tym przypadku samo słowo "jest" to za mało. Trzeba spojrzeć na odmianę słowa "być" w języku polskim. Występuje u nas coś takiego: "on/ona/ono jest". Tak więc, jeśli "he is" przetłumaczymy na samo słowo "jest", to nie wiemy czy on jest, czy ona jest, czy ono jest. Oczywiście w przypadku dłuższego zdania, np. "On jest nienormalny", nic się nie stanie jak pominiemy słowo "on", domyślimy się o kogo chodzi. Możemy także powiedzieć że coś jest albo tak jest. W każdym razie, jeśli ktoś chciałby mi przekazać informację o treści "on jest", to jakby powiedział jedynie słowo "jest", nie wiedziałabym o co mu chodzi.


So Jest on,On jest, and Jest all work?


"On jest" and "jest" are valid answers in this exercise, as far as I know.

I don't know if "jest on" is accepted in this exercise, but it can be used in longer texts for better word flow.


No it is on jest


Why isn't it "On Jest"?


However, it makes sense


On jest=He is... They write me error

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