"I like this table."

Translation:Мне нравится этот стол.

December 14, 2015

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Not я люблю этот стол?

(I reported it, but reporting it doesn't provide me with the information whether it is actually correct or not.)

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    Have you read olimo's explanation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11754722 ?

    Basically, if you see the table for the first time and like it right away, you can only use «мне нра́вится э́тот стол». If you see the table often, both variants are possible.

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      That's good to know, but how are we to know that except by asking a question and getting this answer?


      Hm. I actually had that specific post in mind when I translated the sentence (incorrectly, apparently) with любить. I guess I'm a little confused about what context there is that would lead one to believe that this is the "first time" the speaker has encountered the table?

      I imagined a scenario more along the lines of the speaker referring to their own table (in their dining room or whatever) and saying that the table was one that they liked / had grown fond of / etc.


      I had stared at it before... :-) But now that I have a specific question in mind, I think I understand the explanation better. So basically, both would be possible, but without any context (such as this very table being a family heirloom), нравиться is the more likely translation?

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        большое спасибо!


        What if I just wanna just be friends with the table?


        oml thank you for making me smile


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        I was wondering what the difference between любить and нравится was?


        I was thinking that I'd be talking about a big table that I have in my house and that I am just proud to have. So люблю should be correct. As I understand the sentence that Duolingo has in mind would come up at a furniture store. Maybe duolingo could provide this somewhat crucial information.


        Я люблю этот стол It's supposed to be accepted.


        What is the difference between 'я люблю' and 'мне нравится'.


        When you are looking for new funiture in Икеа


        Why isn't it "я нравится"? "мне" is in dative form, but usually we use the simple "Я" in these kind of sentences. Is it about logic? Do russians say "for me this table is fine" or something similar?


        Yes it seems so...

        note that «Мне нра́вится стол» works in a similar way to the English verb "to seem": "The table seems good to me". The sentence is built as though the table "transmits" the feeling towards you. While rare in English, in Russian, this is pretty typical for feelings and experience to be expressed that way («Мне хорошо́»).


        The phrase «Мне нравится [whatever thing]» translates into something like "[whatever thing] is pleasing to me". Using я would be like saying "This table is pleasing to I"


        What is the difference between этот and этом


        Нравится is really hard to pronounce any tips?


        How to use мне vs меня


        меня = me, or sometimes "of me". мне = to me. That's fairly simple. What's probably tripped you up here is нравится, after all the English sentence has "I", not "me" doesn't it.

        So here's what you do. Always think of нравится as meaning "is pleasing". мне нравится этот стол means "This table is pleasing to me" (or "To me is pleasing this table"). So now you can see that's it's мне because it's "to me".


        Would you only make стол plural if it was in the normative?


        Стол would be plural if you were talking about multiple tables. I don't understand the question.

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