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  5. "I like a girl."

"I like a girl."

Translation:Мне нравится девушка.

December 14, 2015



Is я люблю девушку also correct?


When we say любить in regards to person we are saying love and not like. See the forum post https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11754722


i have the same question ....


Counted wrong, October 2019


Любить with a person is "to love."


And in English in this context, like means that I am beginning to love her or I love her a little. Like is used but love is reality. A boy might say this if he is a bit of a coward and afraid to admit what he really feels.


It's absolutely same in Russian.


I think «Я люблю девушку» will mean "I love the girl", right?


But she said, "I want a snake" So I friendzoned her.


Я versus мне. How to know when to use either? I thought я is nominative.


The literal translation of мне нравится is "to me is pleasing" and thus we need to use dative case because we are receiving something. I know the English translation says "I," but you need to consider the cases and constructions used in Russian, and the difference between любить and нравится.


Whats the difference between девочка and девушка?


Девочка is a little girl. However, sometimes девочка = девушка, consider the following Я люблю тебя девочка моя In this sentence девочка sounds like my girl or baby girl.


Doe that mean "I love you, little girl of mine/my girl?" Is it in the sense of an endearment for someone who is not actually a little girl (like a sweetheart) - or just for some young girl who is dear to you, like your young daughter?


Девушка мне нравится Why is this wrong? :)


I believe девушка would go after мне нравится but dont quote me on that


This is pretty strange in English. I feel like you need кое-какая (I'm hinting that I like someone, but I won't say whom) or какая-то (a certain girl, but I don't know her name). To me, this sentence has to have something implied. Even if this in response to "There's no way you are interested in anyone" [no, in fact I like a girl], I think the article "a" needs something in Russian to capture that.


I think it'd be одна. Мне понравилась одна девушка.

It sounds weird in Russian too (Мне нравится какая-то девушка).


Одна makes sense too. I'll never really know what sounds natural to a native speaker or not (but I'd imagine Мне нравится кое-какая/какая-нибудь девушка would be awkward), but this sentence just sounds strange in English, and I think you need something to convey the "a" in Russian. I get that Duo is trying to teach the нравиться construction, but I think they could come up with better simple sentences than this.


Девушка мне нравится is correct also


Wait, why is it "нравится" and not "нравлюсь" ??? Where is this 3rd person singular conjugation comes from ?


Мне (To me) Нравится (is pleasing, is liked) Девушка (a girl)

Девушка is the subject and she (passively) performs the action of being pleasing to me (in the dative). This is not the same exact construction as in English.


Shouldnt меня нравится девочка be accepted as well? Ive see some of the other comments saying the words generraly mean two seperate tenses девушка vs девочка but they can also mean the same when put in the correct sentance?????


Меня нравится is a wrong expression. There must be мне нравится. Девочка is ok.


"Мне нравится одна девушка" ? Why is it not accepted?


That'd be "I like one girl", I guess.


How do we know that it's мне and not я?


Because нравится\нравятся uses the dative case, hence мне


And нравится works only as a reflexive verb.


I Russian tough

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