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  5. "Tá siad."

" siad."

Translation:They are.

December 14, 2015



Anyone esle grateful for the pics, when firsy being introduced to knew words?


Is this correct? Singular: 1 Táim 2 Tá tú 3 Tá sé/í Plural: 1 Táimid 2 Tá sibh 3 Tá siad


Spot on! You'll see that pattern for plenty of verbs with slender vowels in them, it changes slightly for broad vowels but the order is the same!


Can someone please explain to me why I hear the "t" in Tá as kind of a hard pronunciation of the english "th"? Is it meant to be pronounced like that, or?


"th" as in "thin"? I don't think so. It sounds to me like the "t" in "top."


I definately heard a distinct K no clue what it was supposed to be so made cá up. was surprised to see a "t"there (well not realy cause before i ve seen/heard that pronounciation often isnt close to the letters used)


Can I use this to refer to Gender-Fluid or non-binary people? Or is there something else we can use for this?


They/them dosent really exist in other languages as if your talking to a native they will be very confused, you can use they/them but it would be grammatically wrong, so the answer is no.


So which part is "they" - isn't "ta" also "you"?


is a verb. siad is "they".

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