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  5. "The woman is drinking water."

"The woman is drinking water."

Translation:Kvinnen drikker vann.

December 14, 2015



what the heck happened to the is??


In Norwegian you are never doing things. You just do them.

English: Is doing; Norwegian: Gjør

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Norwegian doesn't distinguish between the continuous present(is drinking) and the simple present(drinks).

[deactivated user]

    Kvinnen er drikker vann is the literal, word by word, translation from English but it actually translates to "The woman is is drinking milk/The woman is drinks milk" which, obviously, isn't proper syntax.

    There is only one present tense in Norwegian which you form by adding -r to the infinitive form of a verb (there are exceptions!).

    • å drikke (to drink) + r --> drikker

    It can be either be translated as Present Simple or Present Continuous. Adverbs and context are used to differentiate between the two.


    I thought that kvinnen would be plural, which be the women not the waman....


    Kvinner is the plural form of woman while Kvinnen is THE woman and En Kvinne is a woman

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