"Czekaj tutaj, nic nie bierz!"

Translation:Wait here, do not take anything!

December 14, 2015



A nie powinno być "niczego nie bierz"?

December 14, 2015


Obie formy są poprawne.

December 15, 2015


What’s the difference?

April 20, 2016


niczego is genitive form of nic, but nic is also accepted genitive of nic. But, if preposition requires genitive it has to be niczego. If the case is nominative or accusative it has to be nic.

In all other situations it's personal preference, but I think it works a bit like dziś/dzisiaj, tu/tutaj


April 20, 2016


so can you give an example where only one works?

June 12, 2016


nic się nie stało (nominative)
nic mi nie pomoże (nominative)
na nic ten trud (accusative)
za nic tego nie zrobię (accusative)

to jest do niczego (genitive)
zrobić coś z niczego (genitive)

June 12, 2016


Why do we use the imperfective form of to take?

December 7, 2016


For "don't do anything at all" it makes more sense to use imperfective. You cannot do this at 8:00, nor 8:05, nor 8:10, etc.

"zabierz" would focus on one moment, so "niczego nie zabierz" is kinda like... "only, by any chance, don't you dare take anything!" Such constructions are rather rare, although for example "niczego nie zepsuj" (don't break anything) makes more sense with perfective. So it's hard to grasp a rule.

December 8, 2016


Thanks! I'll keep trying to wrap my head around it!

December 8, 2016
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