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Can't access to new lesson

I just registered and go to basic1 part and i answered all the lesson 1, but new lesson does'n unlocked what should i do?

January 10, 2013



If you are talking about the iPhone app, there is a known bug where some users complete a lesson but the next lesson is not unlocked immediately. Apple is reviewing our fix for the problem and it should be available this week.


No im talking about windows and mac's browser, i use proxy to access tu duolingo, maybe that make this problem, what do you think?


did you press "Continue" on the last screen? If you don't the progress is not saved.


i do this for several times, for the firs time i think i should finish the lesson with all hearts, i do the lesson moe than 10 times!!!


Same happend to me several times after the update. I had to finish one lesson 4 times to unlock the next..


i do more than 10 times! your problem is better than me :) 4 times vs. 10 times and no change


now i access to lesson 2 but i dont know how it works, now i cant access to next lesson again :|


Same problem happened. "Continue" button on the last screen doesn't work. Win7, Chrome/IE/Safari.


do you use a proxy?

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