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  5. "Hvem spiser eplene?"

"Hvem spiser eplene?"

Translation:Who is eating the apples?

December 14, 2015



why ' who does eat the apples' is not correct?


It is correct, especially if you stress the word, "does," which emphasizes the actual eating: I don't eat the apples on the centerpiece because they're plastic. Who DOES eat the apples?

If it isn't accepted, it's probably because it's something that's not said very often.


Out of curiosity, how would someone say "who are the apples eating?"

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Hvem er det som spiser eplene. :0)


Is it possible to tell that we are assuming that it is the fact of only 1 person? and thus "who eatS the apples?" or should "who eat the apples" be correct too?


"Who" takes the singular version of all verbs except for "to be" when used as an interrogative pronoun. That doesn't mean that we're making any assumptions about whether it's actually referring to one person or several people, it's just a grammar rule.


Could this also be 'who eats the apples'?

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Yes. "Hvem spiser eplene," can be both present continous or simple present.

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