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  5. "Tamto małe zwierzę to pies."

"Tamto małe zwierzę to pies."

Translation:That small animal is a dog.

December 14, 2015



why without jest? when the form mały is used?


When you use "to", you do not have to add "jest". However if you cut "to" you must use a different case. Tamto małe zwierzę to pies. Tamto małe zwierzę to jest pies. Tamto małe zwierzę jest psem.


zwierzę is neuter, mały is used with masculine -> tamten mały pies to zwierzę, tamten mały pies jest zwierzęciem


My Polish friend told me that "to" is used only in between nouns.


that is (almost) right. in this sentence you have zwierzę(noun) to pies(noun).

You also use "to" in this is/that is/these are/those are sentences.


Thank you very much


Confused on This or that. I seem to alway pick the wrong one.


If you have a form of ten/ta/to, that's literally 'this', but 'that' is also a valid answer (ten/ten/tamten in Polish vs this/that/that in English).

If you have a form of tamten/tamta/tamto, that has to be "that".


For me its hard to understand it cause im portuguese and the gender of the nouns are quiet different from the polish ones and more similar to the english ones


Well, English doesn't really use genders the way Polish or Portuguese do...

The genders are rather based on phonetics (the endings) than any logic, so it's better to forget about the Portuguese genders while learning Polish. But it's good that you do know the concept.


Well im writting in polish and then i write in portuguese to know the meaning , its the way i can practice and yes im trying to guide myself only throw the polish phonetics and put aside the portuguese ones , cause its hard to make that click on my brain


What is the rule for when i use maty and mate?

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