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  5. "I love weekends!"

"I love weekends!"

Translation:Kocham weekendy!

December 14, 2015



Could it also be: "uwielbiam weekendy!"?


uwielbiać is something between love and like. we don't know the context here, so let's stay with kochać.


I would even say that "uwielbiać" is closer to "adore." Having said that, and keeping in mind that it's the weekend (which most people tend to really, really like--adore--love), then perhaps it's arguably correct in this context. What do you say?


I agree, though I'm not a native speaker (just lived in Poland for a few years). I put 'kocham' though because 'uwielbiam' has not yet been taught so I assumed it wasn't what was being looked for. In a real life situation I would probably have attempted to say 'uwielbiam..' though.


Is this a weird case in Polish where ws are prounounced as ws in English, or is the speaker mispronouncing the 'v' sound?


This word comes directly from English and it preserved its original spelling and pronunciation. You can read more about it for example in this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12397110


Do people in Poland use the expression "koniec tygodnia" to describe Saturday and Sunday?

If so, would "Kocham końce tygodnia" be a correct answer?


Sadly there is no nice translation of English weekend. There are many propositions how to solve this but none of them gained popularity. „Koniec tygodnia” is literal translation but it is not commonly used.

Your proposition is grammatically correct. However it is the logic that fails. A week (tydzień) has only one end. Because of this we should rephrase the sentence to: „Kocham końce tygodni”.

Another thing is „kochać” which shouldn't be taught as a translation of loving things and ideas. We should stick to „uwielbiać” or „lubić”.


Kocham łikendy!

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