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Difference between moi and moya ?

Hi ! I just finished the alphabet section and I am kind of confused, because I have used both words and I believe they both mean the same thing, which is "my" or "mine" but what is the difference between both of them and most importantly, when should I use one instead of the other ?

Thanks !!

December 14, 2015



They are for different genders. Russian has three grammatical genders, masculine, feminine and neuter. If you've only just finished the first lesson, I recommend that you not worry too much about it right now and continue on. Read the notes and tips as you progress, and it will become clearer.


Мои (Moi) is plural (all genders), Моя (Moya) is singular feminine. There are also Мой (Moy) for singular masculine and Мое (Moye) for singular neuter.


i am a bit confused to, there is dom and there is doma which both mean house, is it like french when if the subject is masculine then the words will be masculine and teh opposite for feminine


I'm still learning basics but I understand дома is plural ("houses") or describing something in or at the house. There's also доме which I haven't got to yet.


good question, maybe it has to do with gendered nouns?

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