"Tamten chłopiec pije."

Translation:That boy is drinking.

December 15, 2015

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I don't think we should have children drinking alcohol.


Do Poles use the word 'drinks' without a beverage to imply drinking alcohol like we do in English?


Is there any difference between the words "This" and "That" in Polish? Or does it come from context?


yes. But difference between ten/tamten and between this/that is not the same.

In English this, that, that In Polish ten, ten, tamten.

So you have to translate "tamten" to "that" and "this" to "ten", but translation of "that" and "ten" depends on context.


Just for the record, "tamten" literally means "there 'this" ("tam" = there), so I think it's usually used for things slightly further away ("over there") or in opposition to "this":

"Podaj mi książkę. Nie tę, tamtą"
Pass me the book. Not that one, the other one

(PWN/Oxford "Wielki" dictionary)


'tamtą' :) Yeah, it's not exactly logical, but 'tamtę' doesn't exist and both Accusative and Instrumental are 'tamtą'.


Oops, I miscopied it. Now corrected. Thanks.


That boy drinks. Whats wrong with this sentence, why is not accepted?


Everything is fine, it is an accepted answer, it should have worked...


What is he drinking?


This has been asked in other places but I may need a refresher or a link, what are the different situations that 'piję' or 'pije' are used?


"piję" = "I [drink/am drinking]"

"pije" = "[he/she/it] [drinks/is drinking]"


Nice observing Duo ;)


Why isn't it "Tamtego chlopiec pije" instead of "Tamten chlopiec pije"? [Sorry about the 'l' - English keyboard]. The Doulingo notes say that tamten is for masculine inanimate and tamtego is for masculine animate - surely a boy is an animate noun?

Is it because 'this' in the phrase 'this boy drinks' is a modifier as opposed to a pronoun such as in 'this [thing] drinks'?

I'm confused. Please help.


Cases. Yes, "tamtego" is masculine animate, but it's an Accusative form. Accusative of masculine nouns is the only case where it matters whether the noun is animate or inanimate. So for example you can say "Widzę tamten stół" (I see that table), but "Widzę tamtego chłopca" (I see that boy).

In this sentence, "that boy" is simply the subject of the sentence, so it uses Nominative. Which for masculine nouns is "tamten".

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