"Whose parents eat dinner?"

Translation:Czyi rodzice jedzą kolację?

December 15, 2015

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Just a question, why czyi and not czyj, is it because parents is plural here? also, are czyi and czyj pronounced the same?


Yes and kind of no. Czyi is the masculine personal plural (ie. including at least one masculine person) form, usually pronounced /ˈʧɨ.ji/, two syllables. Czyj is masculine singular form, pronounced /ʧɨj/, one syllable.

Kind of, because in fast speech czyi can be shortened to /ʧɨj/, but not in slow, careful one.


Since I'd invite a girl out to dinner and zaprosić ją na obiad and that Polish and English AND American meal traditions are different, it's a mistake to try to pin down "obiad" as "lunch". Especially because the Poles usually say "lunch" /lancz/, too.


Why wouldn't you use Obiad for the correct one (mid-day meal) and Kolacja for the correct one (evening meal)? I don't know why it is a problem. If you ask in English, I would say Lunch and Dinner, as the vast majority of people use it this way, and I am still skeptical of this so-called British idea of calling lunch dinner.


No need for scepticism! http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/dinner

To my knowledge it's only regional (including my region) and idiomatic.


Also, thank you for providing a source for that! One lingot for you!


So if it is "sometimes" midday, it should still be only kolacja, because "kolacja" is not an occasional thing.


Not accepting "obiad" here is just an unfortunate oversight. Added now.

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