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  5. "Je les connais."

"Je les connais."

Translation:I know them.

January 10, 2013



I thought them was leur, eux, or elles?


As far as my understanding goes, "les" is used to describe a direct object of the verb, like in this exercise which is referring to "them" directly, meaning the action of the verb is used on them. In comparison, "leur" is used for expressing that the verb is used on an object involving them. For more information try http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/pronouns.htm


Why not Je connais eux?


you COULD use 'eux' here, but it would sound stilted. 'le/la/les' are used as direct-object pronouns to refer to 'le=il' 'la=elle' 'les=ils/elles'. 'eux' would be used for indirect objects. so compare 'I know them' Je les connais , with 'I'm with them' 'j suis avec eux'.


While that is an acceptable sentence, in this lesson we're learning about direct object pronouns, which is why it's 'je les connais'


The verb is "connaitre qn/qc" so it needs a direct object (here "les"), "leur" would be an indirect object, it is used with all infinitives that need an "á" (for example "montrer qc á qn."


can someone explain when to use "les" and when to use "leur"? i'm still confused, thanks!


Les = direct Leur = indirect


How do I know when it's direct or indirect? That's what I'm having trouble with.


I see them - direct object, the process go to the object direcly, we don't use any prepositions, so:
Je les vois
I talk to them - indirect object, the process go to the object indirecly, we use a preposion, so:
Je leur parle.
If I am wrong, please, correct me ;-)


So je les montre is I show them (them here is in place of an object), where as je leur montre is I show to them (leur is in place of an indirect object).

The about.french pronouns page explains it pretty well.


why is "i know these" wrong?


Because you can't "connais" these. You would "sais" these. Connais is for knowing people, sais is for knowing things.


Also, wouldn't these be 'ces'? As in 'Je ces sais' (I know these)?


I took a risk and answered 'I am familiar with them' but it was wrong. I thought connais was less to do with knowing, per se, and more to do with being familiar with things (especially people).


Can anyone tell me how in the heck I can tell between plural and singular. For instance: Je les connais - They pronounce it: Je le cone (the way it sound to me) and to my sweet ears that is singular, they eat the S and every time I loose a heart because I can never tell when it is plural. For instance, in spanish you will hear it like this: Je les conne but in french it sounds Je le cone, NO S Help me please.


You can tell it is plural since "les" is pronounced different from "le" – not in the "s", but in the "e". The e in les is pronounced similar to the e in "end", while the e in le is pronounced (kind of) similar to the e in "Earl". Probably best to listen to this (hold the mouse button over the word in Duolingo) since it might vary depending on the English accent..


Yes, you can hear the les (pronounced as 'lay'), but google translate sure says the word 'connais' better. I have reported it, but the duolingo robot certainly messes up here (In my opinion)


I understand connaître to mean "know" in the sense of "to be familiar with", not just "to have knowledge of". So in view of that, I answered "I am familiar with them" and got it wrong. I don't see how my answer is wrong when connaître is a broader kind of knowing than just knowing the fact that someone or something is.


Sounds too close to "lui", unfairly got it wrong. 12+ years of French.


Why not i know it??


"les" doesn't mean "it". Depending on the gender of the noun, the direct object of "it" translates to either "le" or "la".

My friend has a car and I see it - Mon ami a une voiture et je la vois. ("voiture" is feminine, so "la" is used)

She wants the butter, but her brother hides it - Elle veut le beurre mais son frère le cache. ("beurre" is masculine, so "le" is used)

Hence that "le" also means "him" and "la" also means "her", but you get which one is being used due to the context of the sentence.

Je le connais - I know him

Je la connais - I know her

"savoir" is used for facts (I know she has a sister - je sais qu'elle a une sœur).

"connaître" is used for persons or places (my brother's friend knows my mother - le ami de mon frère connaît ma mère).


okay, thank you very much :)


You're welcome. After all, we're all here to learn. :)


I thought it was I knew them You agree


I thought it was I knew them You agree


Why not 'I'm acquainted with them'?


can we use "sais" instead of "connais"?


Hey guys, why can't I translate it into "I know these?"


How would I know if it means I know them


Why is it I know them?Can it also be I reconnize them?


i wrote the correct response


Why did the pronoun 'les' came after 'connais'? when will you do the same thing? what are the rules?


How could u possibly differentiate between je le connais and je les connais?


Dang it.I forgot the connais part of that.


I heard "je le connais". :c

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