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  5. "Мальчик ест мой хлеб."

"Мальчик ест мой хлеб."

Translation:The boy is eating my bread.

December 15, 2015



How dare you take my bread


I love your pfp! But Russia is better uwu


Why is it "the" boy this time...and not "a" boy?


How did he get my bread in the first place?


ughhh блять! Мальчик ест мой хлеб!


И and Й are different letters ;)

I typed correctly "The boy's eating my bread" and got it wrong :-/


how do we differentiate between 'ate' and 'is eating' also, that boi is in deep trouble


For me мальутк keeps switching between man and boy so I can only get this wrong. Can someone help me out?


How do you tell different tenses? How do i differenciate between ate, eating, and is going to eat?


Is it just my imagination, or does the lady in this soundbyte pronounce the "х" in "хлеб" with a distinct 'f' sound?

[deactivated user]

    Sounds pretty X-like to me. :?


    I read that Х is supposed to sound like a very hard h--even kind of close to a k. The example I heard is the Scottish word loch.


    Yeah, Х is not h, but something like ch in Czech or German. Not sure 'bout scottish, but i know that Lochness is pronounced with it, too.

    BUT Ukrainians have h and it is written like г so don't mix it up. They just don't use it very much (I once heard an Ukrainian woman pronouncing Husky like Хускы and it is hearable difference, idk why she didn't used г).


    When is мальчик mean boy and when does it mean man? I got 2 things in a row wrong cuz I answered both on different questions and they were these other term? (Once I said man and got it wrong the next different sentence but same word I answered boy and got it wrong)


    мальчик always means boy.


    my solution: мальчик ест мои хлеб correct answer: Мальчик ест мой хлеб. i got a fail??


    Boy eats my bread. I cant see a wrong here. If I have to type it in Present Tense you have to teach it in a different part. Can you help me out?


    What in this sentence causes it to be present tense as opposed to eats my bread?


    I can't find the typo in my answer - mal'chik est moi khleb


    If I take the soft sighn from the verb есть (to eat) does it become eating?

    [deactivated user]

      «Есть» is infinitive, 'to eat', it's used in phrases with modal verbs (я хочу́ е́сть 'I want ot eat') or in many other constructions.

      «Ест» is a personal form, it means it's used as the main verb of the sentence (for example, in 'I eat', 'eat' is the main verb; in 'I like eating', 'like' is the main verb). «Ест» is a 3rd person singular personal form; it means it's used when you can replace the person who eats with 's/he' or 'it'. For example: ма́ма е́ст 'Mum eats, Mum is eating' (we can replace 'Mum' with 'she' so we can use е́ст). But я ем 'I eat': we can't use ест here because we can't replace 'I' with 'he' or 'she' without changing meaning.


      I answered "The boy ate my bread." and I soon found my error. But how would I say that in Russian?

      [deactivated user]
        • «Мальчик съел мой хлеб» (the boy ate my bread [up]), or
        • «Ма́льчик пое́л мой хлеб» (they boy ate my bread [during some fixed period of time]), or
        • «Ма́льчик ел мой хле́б» (the boy was eating my bread).


        Is there a diference on the kid and the boy?


        Muh bread has been taken... I am nothing but a hallow husk now, wandering the world in search of deeper meaning. Or a replacement... but nothing is the same, without my bread I feel empty, as if my very soul has been ripped out of me. What am I but a cruel sick joke to God? A breadless abomination. Casted away by a bread filled society. My family has disowned me, my wife left, and my I was fired from my job... The court ruled I was unfit for custody of my children, they said "These children don't deserve a breadless bum like you" all because of that boy... where is my justice? Where is my vengeance knowing that boy has paid for his crimes!? There is no justice, no fullfilment.. nothing without bread....


        Mistake only because " the " is missing? Really?

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