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  5. "В лаборатории есть нельзя."

"В лаборатории есть нельзя."

Translation:Eating in the laboratory is forbidden.

December 15, 2015



I wrote "prohibited" instead of "forbidden", and that should'nt be wrong


The mobile version of Duolingo, for Android, just gives away the correct answer on these types of exercises! Bad idea for learning a language.


The "в" sounds like it is missing on the slow pronunciation.


Eating is forbidden in the laboratory


Why do not accept "It is forbidden eating in the laboratory"?


This construction is unnatural. It would sound natural to say, "Eating in the laboratory is forbidden." You can also say, "It is forbidden to eat in the laboratory."

Есть = to eat.

Eating = ем, ешь, ест, едим, едят. Also a noun, the act of eating, that's why it can be the subject at the beginning of the sentence "Eating is forbidden."

Word order in English sentences is much more strict than in Russian .


I also wrote prohibited and it said it was wrong


I took есть to mean "to be" here, is that valid or how would you say that?


That would be быть (to be), not есть (is/are). The verb in this case would be находиться (to be located). Нельзя находится в лаборатории.


Is "you cannot eat in the library / one cannot eat in the library" wrong?


"You cannot eat..." is not wrong, but this Russian sentence would be written on a sign in the library. Your translation would not be on a sign. It is conversational. It should probably be accepted. "One cannot eat..." is strange though. It sounds like people have a medical problem with eating. Maybe "one may not eat..." would be better.


I think that here we should use "may", because we are able (of course we are) to bring food and eat, but we are not allowed to.

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