"Jego kurtka jest różowa."

Translation:His jacket is pink.

December 15, 2015



Am I mistaken in believing that "kurtka" can mean "coat" just as easily as "jacket?" I was marked incorrect for this, and would like to know if this is formally wrong.

December 30, 2015


Indeed. "Kurtka" and "płaszcz" are totally different things, the first being simply a jacket, second - a coat.

December 30, 2015


Well, what I usually think of as a jacket is "marynarka" or "żakiet" (for women). Athough certainly different from "płaszcz", and often called a jacket, "kurtka" can sometimes also be referred to as a coat (especially the outdoor type). The PWN/Oxford "Wielki" lists both.

May 14, 2017


"coat" is "płaszcz"

December 30, 2015


"płaszcz" as in overcoat or raincoat is "coat", yes, but there are other types of coat, some of which (like the one I wear) would be translated as "kurtka". Languages don't always have a 1:1 exact match in meaning.

May 14, 2017


Yes, it can mean a short coat. As for jacket, it means the kind of jacket you put on to go out in, not as in suit jacket, sports jacket, etc, which is "marynarka" for men, or "żakiet" for women.

May 14, 2017


Yes "kurtka" is also jacket, you arr correct

June 23, 2017


Czy on jest członkiem Whama?

December 25, 2016


How manly.

November 25, 2017


I thought the adjective should be Instrumental case: rożową. Have i misunderstood? Is it that this 'jest' isnt 'conjugated?

September 18, 2017
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