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  5. "I have children."

"I have children."

Translation:Mam dzieci.

December 15, 2015



There is a rule of phonetical softening in Polish ( I am not sure if it is proper grammatical term.) If there is an 'i' after c, dz, z, s, it is pronounced as ć, dź, ź, ś. Threfore dzieci is pronounced as if written (dźeći). The letters dzi and dź are pronounced the same. The other letters(ci, ć...) are pronounced also the same. Dzi and dź is similar sound as j in jeep, ci and ć sounds simmilar like ch in cheek. Important thing for pronountiation is create these "soft sounds" on your front teeth.

[deactivated user]

    Could someone please explain the pronunciation of "dzieci"? Isn't "c" stands for "ts"?

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