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  5. "Доброе утро, вы Вера и Ваня?"

"Доброе утро, вы Вера и Ваня?"

Translation:Good morning, are you Vera and Vanya?

December 15, 2015



Did anyone else mistakenly think that "Vera Ivana" was being addressed? LOL!


I've never heard of anyone named Ivana... also if you listen carefully the difference between ня and на at the end is pretty obvious.


Yeah, I gave it a second listen and I think you're right, there IS a difference.


It is like spanish "ña"


In what context would you call someone and say "Good morning, are you Bob and Joe"? This seems to be worded awkwardly.


I guess it could be when you're meeting them for the first time after exchanging via phone for example ? A Uber driver could ask that to confirm he's picking up the right guys. Or hotel staff picking up a couple at the airport maybe.


Yes i got it wrong at the first time, then i realised it's Russian and not English. Awkward translation


When I say, "are you Vera or Vanga" why does вы change to ты?


Because ты is in a singular form but its use is in an informal way, on the order hand вы has a plural character (like you in english) but it also acts in a singular form in formal speaking. I would use вы despite of "you" in the following sentence, would you mind if I open the window? I won't use ты because it could sound a bit rude


Somtimes its you and sometimes they i think


Вы and ты are "you". Вы is formal or plural. Ты is informal and always singular. "They" is "они"


the more i look at this sentence, the more im confused. its worded so awkwardly. i dont think i would walk up to some people i intended to meet up with and ask them that, it seems... wrong.


I see difference between vera and Vanya in russian:/

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