"I was working day and night."

Translation:Я работал день и ночь.

December 15, 2015



I wrote я работала день и ночь but that wasn't accepted - obviously if it's a mistake of mine let me know or downvote me :) but I thought the feminine would also work?

May 10, 2017


Why not днём? I thought that meant 'during the day.'

December 15, 2015

[deactivated user]

    «Днём и но́чью» should work too (if it's not, please report it).

    However, mixing these forms doesn't sound good: using different cases makes the reader think those have different grammatical meanings. «Я рабо́тал(а) днём и ночь» would be understood to mean something like "I was working the night during the day too", which is pretty meaningless (techinally 'работать' can be used as a transitive verb meaning 'to create, to produce', but this is a very rare meaning not used in modern Russian, and you probably don't produce nights when you work anyway).

    December 15, 2015


    Ah, I think I got the night part wrong when doing those cases, so I assumed you couldn't do днём at all. Thank you!

    December 16, 2015


    Я работал днём и ночью still doesn't work, I have reported it.

    September 6, 2017


    днём и ночью still not accepted...

    July 29, 2018


    still the same situation as before ...

    June 8, 2019


    What's the difference between "работал" and "работала"

    May 20, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      «Работала» is used when the person working is female, or denoted a feminine noun, «работал» is used when the person working was male, or denoted by a masculine noun. There's also «рабо́тало» for neuter nouns.

      May 20, 2016


      The answer "Ya rabotal den' i noch'" was marked as incorrect. It seems that there is a need for clear transliteration rules.

      December 15, 2016


      Learning to type in Cyrillic would probably help. I never try to figure out what is wrong with transliterated sentences. It's not standardized.

      January 4, 2019


      Duo says "You have a typo in your answer." But I have not! I typed.
      Я работал день и ночь.
      But how to I report it nowadays?

      July 20, 2017


      With a OuiJa board, it seems.

      I've gotten those messages too. I think it might be because I was switching between my Engish keyboard and Russian keyboard (Windows 10), and entered an English a, e, or o.

      January 4, 2019


      Why not?: я работал днем и ночью.

      November 5, 2018


      The American English idiom is "night and day": I was working night and day.

      January 4, 2019
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