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  5. "кошка весом три килограмма"

"кошка весом три килограмма"

Translation:a cat weighing three kilograms

December 15, 2015



Why not ‘the cat weighs’?


Because 'the cat weights ...' means 'кошка весит ...' It's slightly different


Because the sample sentence is incomplete. It is just a noun (кошка) and definition (весом три килограмма).

In your case, кошка весит три килограмма. Where весить is a verb.


I am wondering the same thing.


weighing - noun, instrumental case (существительное "вес", творительный "весом")

weigh - verb (глагол).

Кот весом три килограмма. vs Кот весит три килограмма.


what kind of word is весом? is it a ver or an adjective? and how is it used?


Вес is weight, and весом is the instrumental (I think?) case of it. The literal translation is kind of like "a cat having the weight of 3 kg".


Also wondering this.

Can this sentence bet translated as "the cat weighs three kilograms" or just "the/a cat weighing three kilograms"?


This noun phrase cannot be translated directly as a complete sentence, because it might form the complete subject of a sentence, such as "Кошка весом три килограмма спала на диване."


That's not a cat.....it's a large kitten


My 12-year-old 3 kg cat disagrees.


Please, could you clarify why "a cat three kilograms in weight" is not excepted?


"A cat with a weight of three kilogrammes" ?


NO, no, no!!!!!! You would never write " the cat of three kilograms in weight"


The audio very clearly says: "Кошка весом В три килограмма", should be corrected.


Three kilograms of cat.


it is like three killogram of meat


It's a present participle verb (if used as an adjective or a gerund if used as a noun. ) we use them in English but they are more common in Russian, i think.

"A cat weighing. ..", although uncommon, is proper. You just won't hear it in colloquial conversation too much, but maybe more in Downton Abbey, or Monty Python.


Why not " a three kilograms weighing cat" ?


Hmmm. I think "a 3kg weighing cat" has a different meaning. I have an image of a cat who constantly weighs objects that are 3kg as if it was his job. It doesn't sound like the CAT weighs 3kg. The cat becomes the actor of "weighing" instead of it being a passive quality. Hope this answer is helpful for the 3 people who had this question...


Кошка однако на сносях


Вполне себе небольшая кошка


Кошка весом 3 кг что здесь не так не пойму


Это курс для изучающих русский. Соответственно, здесь при переводе на русский нужно прописывать числа целиком, цифрами не принимается. Это нужно для того, чтоб люди не ленились и учили числа на русском.


I put килограмм instead of килограмма. I was not warned of a typo..

Sometimes I'm totally wrong for just one character, or excentric but not wrong word order.. However other times I'm congratulated with a "perfect" without a warning of my typo or without showing me the really accurate right answer.

Скажите, пожалуйста, is there a rule for some typos or others? I understand that if just one wrong letter implies a wrong case, or the confusion of plural and singular, it verb tense, then that typo is enough for everything to be OK, and if the typo is a spelling or typing mistake that doesn't change tense, aspect, gender, number, etc it is acceptable. But it would still be good to receive a warning, as it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't


error warnings occur when you type a nonexistent word


how come this one is "kilogramma" when another one was "kilogrammov" or something?


Assuming you know about Russian's case system, numbers ending in 2, 3 and 4 (except for 12, 13 and 14) use the genitive singular for the noun; "Kilogramma". All other numbers except 1 use genitive plural; "Kilogrammov".

The number 1 takes the nominative singular.


I don't know why you were marked down, besides this being something covered in earlier lessons. It's important to repeat the points of the case system over and over until it sticks.


I guess I didn't realize they were different cases.


Can't i say " 3kg weighing cat"?


I have the same question.

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