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  5. "Это лёгкий мотоцикл."

"Это лёгкий мотоцикл."

Translation:It is a light motorcycle.

December 15, 2015



Can I say "a lightweight motorcycle"?


Thanks, I reported it.


Still not accepted the "lightweight" :-((


Is the г in лёгкий a х /kh/ sound?


Yes, it is. The diagraph гк as in лёгкий is pronounced with a Х and a К. [лёхкий]


Does "light" in this sentence refer only to the actual weight? In Finland we say "light motorcycle" when we refer to a 125cc motorcycle that you can drive at the age of 16.


it refers to engine volume.


"This motorcycle is light" was not an acceptable answer


I think this would be correct only if "мотоцикл" was before "лëгкий"


I thought it mean some.kind of futuristic tron bike xD


Isn't it a motorbike? Duolingo sees any difference to reject it?


This, it is... Same stuff Stop teaching English


Looks like "лёгкий" alone translates to "easy", as in "it is easy", but when followed by some sort of object it translates to "light" - a light car, a light meal etc


That makes sense. лёгкий means either "light" or "easy" depending on context. After all, what would an "easy car" be?

On the other hand, a task can be "easy" because it is "light" (in the sense of slight, minimal, not requiring a lot of effort to accomplish), so there can be a firm distinction, but not always.

Often, when the "easy" thing is a task which is stated in verb form, then "easy" acts more like an adverb, and the adverb легко is probably more appropriate.

Note on spelling: ё is used in all declensions of the long-form adjective лёгкий (e.g., лёгкая) and in the masculine short-form adjective лёгок, but in the adverb легко and other short-form adjectives (легка/легко/легки), е is used instead of ё.
The comparative adjectiвe is легче.


I love the pronunciation of the transliteration of "motorcycle"! In the movie The World's Fastest Indian, Burt Munroe (played superbly by Welshman Anthony Hopkins) pronounces it "motor-sickle", like a true Southlander! (New Zealand's South, that is)

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