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  5. "Mężczyźni niosą szafę."

"Mężczyźni niosą szafę."

Translation:The men are carrying a wardrobe.

December 15, 2015



"Please do not report mistakes here" I do not know if it is or not. So, isn't "men carry wardrobe" just as good? It does not accept it.


niosą - has a meaning that corresponds with english present continous the best noszą - has a menaing that corresponds with present simple , sometimes present perfect.

If you want to know more https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12724322


It has to be "a wardrobe" in English.


I said, the men carry the wardrobe. In English there is no difference between those two meanings.

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I agree, this is correct too.


I got this sentence as the dictation exercise, I misheard niosą as "nie są". Got me thinking: had I wanted to say "men are not wardrobes", would it have been correct to say "mężczyźni nie są szafami"?


yes, this would be right.


Thanks man have a lingot


the men carry a wardrobe?


nieść vs nosić
niosę/niosą is at this moment or at specific time/ period ( like continous tense)
noszę /noszą is for repeated action (like present tense)
that difference is called "aspect" and somebody recently wrote here more about it https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12724322


Duolingo usually accepts both "is doing" and "does" for the present tense. This sentence is an exception to the rule.


All verbs of motion are exceptions. But I believe we teach no more than seven of them in this course.


I heard : "mężczyżni niosą szafy" Is there a difference in pronounciation for szafę and szafy ? Or could szafy be accepted here ?


To a Polish ear those two aren't even similar... to a foreign one, they are, unfortunately.

Well, it can't be accepted. Your sentence is correct, but you made the wardrobes plural.


By wardrobe, do you possibly mean a chiffarobe? I'm native English speaker from the US, but the only way I've ever used the word "wardrobe" is to say things like "my work wardrobe" or "my travel wardrobe", or "professional wardrobe" - basically it's the collection of clothes one owns.


Well, looking at what Google Graphics shows me, I'd translate "chiffarobe" to "szafka". "szafa" is rather bigger. And Google Graphics shows me exactly what I'd expect when I search for "wardrobe".

The 'collection of clothes' meaning translates to "garderoba", and it can also mean the room one uses for keeping their clothes. Also the... dressing room (?) for the actors in the theatre.

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