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  5. "On nie ma dziewczyny."

"On nie ma dziewczyny."

Translation:He does not have a girlfriend.

December 15, 2015



Why are there no lesson notes for Polish? Do we have to guess the grammar rules?


And one year later, many still ask this question. However, Polish in a Nutshell is about 180 pages, so...


I didnt know that the Polish course was still in beta. I have been using it for some time now maybe 18 month or so. Unless these are old posts. FYI Im writing this on 20 Nov 18.


Why is he does not have girls incorrect? How would this be said then.


"On nie ma dziewczyn". (Genitive plural)


Why is "He doesn't have a girl" not accepted? Don't people also say it this way?


It does make sense to me, but I'm afraid that this might be misunderstood as "He doesn't have a daughter". And that's something we want to avoid in this course.


But daughter was introduced before as "córka" so I believe there will be no misunderstanding, and it could be accepted as well. :)


When i write "He has no acquaintances" it is not accepted here as an option because you think "He has not got acquaintances" sounds better, but then, when I write "He has not got a girlfriend" it's also not accepted, because this time, for some reason you prefer "He does not have a girlfriend"... What the hell is going on? Am I paranoid or will I never succeed to satisfy you?!


The course is in beta, they team is still working on it.
Anyway, I don't think the word "acquaintance" should work here. "Dziewczyna" in this context (On ma/nie ma dziewczyny - He has/has not got a girlfriend; Czyjaś dziewczyna - sb's girlfriend etc.) always means "girlfriend" as a partner, not just a fimale friend or acquaintance.


Of course "Dziewczyna" here means a girlfriend. That was not the point. I gave two different examples. one sentence was "Ta rodzina nie ma znajomych" . I translated it to"This family has no acquaintances" and I lost one red "heart" because according to the team it should be "This family has not got acquaintances" (what's the difference?) So then, when I had to translate "On niema dziewczyny" I was smarter and I translated it to "He has not got a girlfriend" (That's what I've been taught a minute before) This time I lost another red "heart". I turns out the team changed their mind and now I was taught I should have translated it to "He does not have a girlfriend"......at which point I lost my patience....


This is the consequence of doing a course that's still in beta. It isn't perfect, it's been out less than a week, and there are errors and missing translations. That's what the beta period is for.

Use your report button and help them improve it, or else wait till the course is more stable.


OK, my bad. It wasn't clear to me. ;)
Anyway, I'm not in the team but I'm pretty sure they're working on it. Remember the course is in beta and it takes time to make everything perfect. Next time just report it and I'm pretty sure they'll accept it.


Он не имеет девушку, in a figurative meaning, this sentence means he doesn't bang a girl in Russian lol.

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