"To lodówka moich rodziców."

Translation:This is my parents' fridge.

December 15, 2015

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Took me three times to get this right, not because of the Polish, but placing the apostrophe correctly in the English translation.


Maybe the word they provide should be: parents'


could it not be "the fridge of my parents' as well?


There would not be an apostrophe (') after parents in your construction.

Of my parents = parents'


We use 'of' when we speak about objects: a roof of the building.


It could. Polish genitive is equivalent of both Saxon genitive ('s/s') and the "of the" form. You might try reporting it.


I think you need the EXACT same sentence, its happened to me before


It's accurate, but not idiomatic. That's just not how we'd say that in English.


Why is,"moich" in the genitive form


Because that is how you show possession. In English you might use the word 'of' or put 's at the end of the owner, in Polish you use the genitive case.


Oh I get it. So if I wanted to say something like the woman's dog, would it be,"Kobiecy psa"?


No, I think that would be "pies kobiety"(think of it as 'the dog of the woman'). It's the owner that takes the genitive, not the thing being owned, like in the sentence above.


Thank you for explaining :)


I wrote, "This is my parents' fridge," and it said that it is "almost correct" and "corrected" it to "parents fridge." It also said that another possible translation is, "This is my parents' refrigerator."

I don't really know how to report this issue because it counted it as correct…


The same problem was mentioned above in the comments. The accepted answers all have apostrophe when needed. It's understandable that without it it's accepted, as Duo doesn't mark interpunction, but I have absolutely no idea why it suggests a version without an apostrophe.

And the freewrite reports are full of comments about it, some of them really long... We would love to fix it, but I don't think there's anything that could be done from our side.


I think someone made a mistake when adding this answer to the system. It should be, "This is my parents' fridge," but it said it was almost correct and gave me, "This is my parents fridge." This also surprised me because usually it ignores all punctuation


I just told you that there are no such mistakes in the system. Not from our side anyway.


That is odd, maybe it is glitched. I have had some really random glitches in the past. For example, one time when I was doing a "strengthen skills" lesson, it literally switched from Polish to Esperanto half way through. I think because I left it alone for a few hours and it somehow reset even though it saved half of the progress from Polish for the Esperanto lesson. I wish I finished it so I could have seen what skills it would have improved xD


There's the free-write report, you could try that.


Why not "this refrigerator belongs to my parents?"


Well, I think you need to give a direct translation of the sentence given. What you say might mean something similar, but strictly speaking, it's not what you were asked to translate for the exercise.


Is "lodówka" gender-neuter?


it's feminine. I don't think we have any -a ending neuter words.

But "this", in the "this is" is always "to".


How would you say "this bed..."?

"Ta lodówka jest moich rodziców"? Also, does

"To jest lodówka moich rodziców," work?


both sentences work, withe very slight difference (this is fridge vs this fridge is)

with "to łóżko", if there is no verb I'd assume to=this is, if there is a verb after to łózko it clearly means this bed


They're still telling me I'm "almost correct" when I use the correct apostrophe in "my parents' fridge". It looks as if they've corrected some parts, but not the others.


Note that when I wrote << parents' > (i.e. with the possessive apostrophe) this was marked as a typo. I don't think it is. This observation has already been made by a lot of people above I see.


As it has also been discussed, this is some kind of a really weird bug. Because we haven't put "my parents fridge" among the correct answers. The answers in the Incubator all have the apostrophe where needed. And there is a huge list of reports complaining about what you just wrote - you write a correct answer, which is (obviously) considered correct on our side, but somehow the programme shows you that you made a typo. I have no clue why and there's not much I can do - I think I will write a ticket to Duolingo, but as this is a rather minor issue (it's annoying, but it accepts the answer), I wouldn't expect them to act soon.


Cool. No problem. Thanks for the explanation.


When I checked the answer, telling me I had a spelling error, this was what was written as the correct spelling, "This is my parents refrigerator." The apostrophe was omitted. Here, however, it is correct.


This is a very weird issue which has been discussed a few times. We have it correct in the Incubator, but still the program suggests you the wrong answer. Nothing more we can do about it.


"this refregator is my parents" is correct, lol


Actually, This refrigerator is my parents' has a different subject, so it shouldn't be accepted. Removed now.


That's what I thought, too. But after reading Jellei's response, I realized I had overlooked the obvious: "this refrigerator" would be "ta lodówka."


Is refrigerator the subject here? And parents the object?


This is not a "normal" sentence, but the way I understand is, is that the subject is "To", the object is "lodówka moich rodziców", and the verb is a hidden "jest".


Parents' should definitely have the apostrophe in English.


Yes. And it does, on our side. And then the Duolingo software somehow omits it. It's a known bug that they still haven't fixed... :(


This refrigerator is my parents not accepted...


I don't see why "this refrigerator is my parents'" is marked as wrong.


Your sentence changes the grammatical subject from our "This/That/It" to "This refrigerator". Your sentence would either be "Ta lodówka jest moich rodziców", but that sounds clumsy to me, so I'd suggest "Ta lodówka należy do moich rodziców" (belongs to my parents).


I really hate how in a vocab chapter that genitive case stuff which we have never practiced yet just appears!!! (Moich)


We can't teach every single form separately, that would take ages to create the course and ages to finish it. At some point you will get such surprises. The word "moi" has been introduced, now we're using another form of it.


Why is This is my parents' refridgerator incorrect? Its the same as This refridgerator is my parents'


"This is my parents' refridgerator" is exactly the right answer (apart from the typo in "refrigerator"), the latter would be rejected. No, they are not the same, they have different grammatical subjects ("This/That/It" vs "This refrigerator").

What if you're looking at something and you have no clue that it's a refrigerator?


In Englis it is correct both ways. The refrigerator is the subject, and it is more to the point to put the subject at the beginning of the sentence.


It is correct both ways, but the meaning and therefore the translation is different:

This is my parents' fridge. - To lodówka moich rodziców. (answers the question: "what is this?")
This fridge is my parents'. - Ta lodówka należy do moich rodziców. (answers the question: "whose fridge is this?")

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