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  5. "Ona ma mleko."

"Ona ma mleko."

Translation:She has milk.

December 15, 2015



How did you made this smile? It is special application for smiles?


"she has milk" made me smile too.


Can i drink it? :P


Sadly my laptop bugs the audio to make it : "On ma melko" ;_;


She doesn't. That's just how she's built.


OnaMaMleko • ↢ • ↣ • Ona ( She - ProNoun Fem. Sing. • From Proto-Slavic Ona, from Proto-Indo-European H₂eno- ) • Sing → Ona Jej Jej Ją Nią Niej -

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Sing → Ona Jej Jej Nią Niej -

MaMieć ( to have - Verb • From Proto-Slavic Jьměti (stem Jьma-) • ęti ( to take )

Inf ↓ 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
ProN → Ja Ty On Ona Ono My Wy Oni One
Mieć Mam Masz Ma Mamy Macie Mają

Mleko ( Milk - Noun Neuter • dim Mleczko ) • From Proto-Slavic Melko, borrowed from Proto-Germanic Meluks, from Proto-Indo-European H₂melǵ-Mle - ko Sing → ko ka ku ko kiem ku ko

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Sing → ko ka ku ko kiem ku ko


There is a problem with she has milk. I get the answer correct and it types the same as me in the answer but says its incorrect.


Well, Duo has some bugs sometimes, obviously "She has milk" is the correct answer...


just cant seem to get it right...



No seria "she has GOT milk"? o sea faltaria el got


I don't know which language you speak, but I'm happy to inform you that the got is optional, so both versions are accepted.

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