"Chłopiec mówi dzień dobry."

Translation:The boy says good morning.

December 15, 2015

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The answer is supposed to be: "The boy says good day" but it doesn't sound correct. "Good morning" maybe, but "says hello" should be correct, no?


But "hello" is definitely less formal than "good morning" (even if not as informal as Polish "cześć")...


I'm not sure "Hello" is less formal than "good morning", it just doesn't mean the same thing. A less formal way would be "Hi"/"Hey" which would translate as "cześć" IMO. In any cases, it would be interesting to have an opinion of a native speaker for the sentence "The boy says good day" as it feels pretty old way to say things. Have a good day to you my dear, and see you on the morrow.


In Polish there's no difference between"to speak" and "to say"?


Well, all is dependent on the exact sentence, but both may be correct translations.


Would you say anything different for "he is SAYING good morning. Please point out difference between he says and he is saying.


There's none for Polish. 99,9% of Polish verbs work for both Present Simple and Present Continuous. The exceptions are Verbs of Motion (e.g. he walks/he is walking are different).


Yeah I said, "the boy said good morning" instead of "the boy says good morning" is there a difference is there a way to know what tense I'm meant to use?


How do I remember dzień dobry?? ive tried multiple things and none of them worked.


How about imagining that you have just met your brawny weightlifting neighbour and you are about to say good morning to him when you notice his rather fetching lilac eyeshadow. "gender, bro!" (dzień do-bry...)

It's tenuous but at least it's memorable.


what u can do is set an alarm on your phone in the morning saying dzien dobry until u remember what it means:)


cześć, naprawdę lubię Duolingo i pomaga mi nauczyć się tego języka! úwù


Wrong translation, it will be good afternoon, or good day, but absolutely not good morning


Reported: "The boy's saying good afternoon"


the boy says hello


I was told I was incorrect when using "good afternoon" rather than "good morning" - Why was this wrong if Dzień dobry can be translated as both?


"good afternoon" is accepted here, your mistake must have been somewhere else. Unfortunately the correction is often not the closest correct answer to what you wrote, so it may make one think that their answer was considered wrong even if in reality it was just a typo.


I wrote: the boy is speaking good morning, but ity not write answer, why?


In English, if you quote what the boy said (that is "good morning"), 'to speak' is not the right verb to use, you need 'to say'.


I put the boy says goodmorning and the app says i got ot wrong but the answer is exactly what i wrote i dont understand whats going on but if someone could help thsg would eb great !


Well... your comment here has a few typos, including writing "good morning" as one word, so frankly it just seems likely that you made a typo in your answer as well... we can't really know without a screenshot.


How do I know if 'dzien dobry' means good morning or good afternoon?


You look at your watch.

But seriously, "dzień dobry" means "good day", but given that "good day" isn't exactly a standard English greeting (at least in the UK/US), that makes both "good morning" and "good afternoon" its most probable translations.


Could we also translate this as "The boy is saying good morning"?

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