"Why are you writing slowly?"

Translation:Dlaczego piszesz wolno?

December 15, 2015

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Why I cannot write dlaczego wolno piszesz?

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It doesn't sound right , but after all should be accepted (logical stress is moved somewhat).


Is wolno unique or unusual in following theverb


I guess it's after here to give more emphasis - you are writing, but you're doing it slowly. It's more neutral to put it before.


I always translate "wolno" as "free(ly)" -.-


https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/polish-english/wolny translates mostly as free and only at the end is mentioned as slow but https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/polish-english/wolno is mostly slowly. Sometimes it translates as "free to" or "allowed to"


I guess it's a correct interpretation after all, added "freely".

The Polish sentence about writing slowly would be better if it used "powoli".


what is the difference between wolno and pomalu (l with stroke)


Not much, but pomału vs. powoli is 30 times less frequent. Pomału belongs to literary or colloquial register, not to the official communications.

The origin of pomału is mało = little and the po- prefix is the remnant of an old case and means in the * way, like to speak English = mówić po angielsku or to speak the English way. That is, po-mału means in little, tiny steps or gradually.

The origin of wolno is wola = (your own) will or wolny = free and it means not bounded by any contraints.

Powoli is a derivative of wola and now it means slowly, but its origin is "not pressed by anyone."


Thanks . I didn't think of breaking it up. I've forgotten so much Polish


If wolno and powolnie are both acceptable, do they have any different shades of meaning or connotation?


I think that usually "powolnie" would be a better choice when we mean "slowly", because "wolno" also means "freely" (as in "how come that no one forbid you to write") in a proper context.

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