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Is the placement test supposed to work?

I tried to take the placement test, but after the last question, instead of having the screen saying something like "you have tested out of x skills" (or "sorry, you haven’t tested out of any skill"), it just goes back to the front page where it’s offering me again to either start at the beginning or pass the placement test.

Is anyone else seeing that?

December 15, 2015



I just tried it on my alternate profile and it worked okay for me.

I know some people had the same problem when Ukrainian came out, though :-/ maybe it's an intermittent issue?


I can’t test out of the first skill either (the same thing happens, it just goes back to the front page after the last question, without saying anything).


Huh, that's weird, and very frustrating I imagine. Might be worth mentioning in the bugs forum? My other suggestion was going to be to try testing out of skills individually, but clearly that is not working for you either. Have you tried testing out of a checkpoint? Not ideal, since I think you only get three goes of checkpoint tests, but last ditch attempt? :-/


I think I’ve figured out where the problem comes from.

In the listening exercises, if you translate instead of just transcribing, then you get the warning "This doesn’t look like Polish" and you get a second chance, but then when you do it correctly on the second try, the top green bar counting the questions does not move (instead of increasing by one), and then the placement test or testing out of skills is aborted a few questions before the end (for instance one question before if you had one listening exercise where you translated instead of transcribing).

Could you try it and confirm?


I'm sorry I missed this before, I don't usually login to this account very often!

And the reason I logged in today was, unfortunately, because I'm having problems doing any lessons or tests at all on my main account, and I've just discovered that the same is true of this one, so presently I can't help anyway :-/ przepraszam :-(

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