"There are no blue cats."

Translation:Синих кошек нет.

December 15, 2015

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Только кошек? Почему не принимается Синих котов нет? Кто их видел, дайте фотку!


"Русская голубая":

Although I really doubt there are only tomcats in this breed :)


Based on what I know so far as a learner, cats, until otherwise proven otherwise, are by default referred to in the feminine form in Russian. Same with horses, dogs, chickens, and ducks... basically all the animals we know 1/4 into Duolingo's lessons. There are different words for the sexes and sometimes for neutering/fixed/desexed status just like in English.

So «котов» would probably be correct, just unusual to hear in such a general context.


Would "нет синих кошек" also be correct?

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    I think that's among the lines of "no blue cats" rather than "there are no blue cats here".


    This is accepted


    Why not "Здесь нет синих кошек?"

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    Because there are no blue cats in existence anywhere, not just here. (Blue as in sky blue, not breeds called Blue, eg Russian Blue...)


    I asked my wife who is a native Russian speaker if "Нет бывает синих кошек" would be acceptable, and she just told me to drop the "т" from "Нет" to make it "Не бывает синих кошек" (blue cats don't exist). I maintain that I was closer to the correct answer than Duo (helps that I know Polish quite well)!


    Это кошка красива (?) What a beauty. (how would you say that in Russian)


    I believe you can use какая and такая to mean 'what' and 'such' in the case of 'what a beautiful cat', or 'such a beautiful cat'. So perhaps какая красивая кошка


    What about "Там нет голубых кошек."?


    I think that's 'there are no blue cats there'.


    Except there is Tom!

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