"Nie mamy białych kartek."

Translation:We do not have white sheets of paper.

December 15, 2015

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In English you could say either "paper" or "sheet of paper" here. In Polish could you use "papier" instead of "kartek" here. With a slightly different meaning of course.


When talking about sheets of paper we usualy use kartki, bacuase 'by default' you mean kartki papieru. In English sheets could also mean bed sheets (prześcieradła) - probably that is the reason why this sentence doesn't look like that: 'We do not have white sheets' -> ambiguous.

Also Polish 'papiery' is informal for documents. And if someone 'ma żółte papiery' (has yellow papers) it means that this person is crazy, but in the negative meaning.


Is this because of the colour of the form that you need for involontary commitment?


Tjis was my problem, kartek, i thought, is singular, but the trabslation given is plural


Why "białych"? Isn't it biały?


biały is singular masculine nominative białych is plural feminine(not masculine personal) Genitive

I do not know if you already know that

  • all adjectives have to match gender, case and number with a noun

  • there are two genders in plural masculine personal and not masculine personal that contains masculine animated not personal nouns, masculine not animated nouns, feminine nouns and neuter nouns

  • nie ma needs genitive


I didn't knew number 3. Dziękuję :)


If a verb needs accusative its negation needs genitive.


Thats useful to know


we don't have sheets of white paper - means the same as white sheets of paper in English


If kartka is paper and not card, what IS card in Polish?


a card (as in card games, credit card, etc.) is "karta".

kartka is usually a sheet of paper, it may also be a postcard (kartka pocztowa / pocztówka), but in such a sentence, I wouldn't even think of a postcard.


We use sheets of card quite a lot, & can buy them in reams like paper (but heavier weight) For durability in posters, for crafting & scrapbooking even for the inners for patchwork Do i just define the weight & call it paper?


I'd need to see what exactly you're describing to try to name it in Polish.


Why is it 'kartek'? When I look for the genitiv plural form of 'karta', I find 'kart' and not 'katek'.


When I look for the genitiv plural form of 'karta', I find 'kart' and not 'katek'.

Try looking for the genitive plural form of kartka.

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