"Jakiego koloru jest ten przedmiot?"

Translation:What color is this object?

December 15, 2015

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Is there a difference between rzecz and przedmiot?


przedmiot - item/object (lit.)
przedmiot/temat - subject of the discussion (fig.)

rzecz - thing (lit)
rzecz/sprawa - thing/matter (fig.)


May be I am getting tired and confused.
1. Why is KOLOR in the Genitive form? 2. Is PRZEDMIOT Nominative or Accusative, why not Instrumental as after JEST?


It is nominative here. Przedmiot is subject here. "jakiego koloru " is object - and it is not instrumental , but genitive.


I think that this is just a construction which should be remembered. We can say: "Jakiego koloru [Genitive] jest [verb] ten przedmiot [nominative]?". We can't use Instrumental because we don't ask whether the object is color and what color it is. And then we could answer: "Ten przedmiot [nominatve] jest [verb] koloru brązowego [genitive]" (These object is in color of brown). Another option is to ask "W jakim kolorze [locative] jest [verb] ten przedmiot [nominative]?" (In what color is this object?). And then the answer would be: "Ten przedmiot [nominative] jest [verb] w kolorze brązowym [locative]". (This object is in brown color).

We can also just say: "Ten przedmiot jest brązowy" (This object is brown). The question "Jaki jest ten przedmiot?" (What is this object like?) is too general. But we could ask: "Jaki [question word] jest [verb] kolor [nominative] tego przedmiotu [genitive]?" (What is the color of this object?). All these options are possible.


I think "jaki kolor" is genitive because it's like saying "of which color". And "przedmiot" isn't instrumental because instrumental doesn't automatically follow "jest", you use instrumental when defining, ie when you say "[noun phrase] jest [noun phrase]".


which perhaps as well as what


Would you be able to say. What kind of color is this object? Had a hint for jakiego. Wonder if that's possible.


It seems that it's unusual, but possible. Added.


This would be unusual English, only used as a term of derision.


"What color does the object have" should also be correct.


As I was told, things do not 'have' color in English.

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