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  5. "Dzieci lubią mleko."

"Dzieci lubią mleko."

Translation:Children like milk.

December 15, 2015



Would this also be how you say "The children (some specific children) like milk"? Or is there are a different form to say that?


It would be the same way.


is there a certain way to conjugate the verbs? like a pattern? In German if you talk about yourself the verb usually ends in -e, if I say you it usually ends in -st. Is there any pattern for Polish?


Yes, but it's complicated. There are several classes of verb with different endings, and conjugation can depend not just on person and number, but gender.

"Lubić" is a second-conjugation verb, so in the present tense its conjugation is "lubię, lubisz, lubi" in the singular and "lubimy, lubicie, lubią" in the plural. (Luckily, gender doesn't matter here in the present tense)


Bryan, at http://www.tastingpoland.com/language/verb/verb_infinitives.html you can find a lot of verbs with their conjugations.


Thanks for that. I have been looking for a good reference resource re the conjugations. Nothing like it in any of my admittedly old text books. Cheers Guy


Thanks maria. It is so helpful


'Children like milk' is what the dairy and meat industries would really like to make sure that all adults know.


Almond, Soy, or Macadamia?

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