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Esperant' Esper' course wanted

I know there aren't many of us who speak it, and I know most people learn languages because of the many people who speak them rather than for the value of the language itself, but I also know that if one person values something it's also likely that there are other people who value the same thing.

So, I'm stating my opinion. Nobody has to agree with it, but I'm stating it. I like Esperant' Esper', and I would like very much to see an Esperant' Esper' course on Duolingo, some day.

I like that Esperant' Esper' shares a core Esperanto based vocabulary with other Esper' languages which are designed to be much easier for people with specific language backgrounds to learn.

I like that Esperant' Esper' can be understood as easily by any traditional Esperanto speaker.as one dialect of English can be understood by a speaker of another dialect of English.

I like that Esper' has masculine, feminine, epecine, and neuter pronouns, instead of using the same pronoun to represent the masculine gender and the epecine or unspecified gender.

I like that the plural of any Esper' pronoun is formed the same way from the singular as with any other Esper' pronoun..

I like that Esper' has no irregular words.

I like that the possessive is formed the same for nouns and pronouns in Esper' as it is for correlatives.

I like that in Esper' the accusative case ending is optional in the default word order, so people who have trouble remembering to use it only have to recognize it to get by and are not scared off by it or driven off by people treating them badly over it.

I like that the Esper alphabet is fully supported not just by Unicode and modern computers, but even by ASCII and old computers and typewriters.

I like that Esper' is designed to be easy for people of all ages to learn, rather than just babies or just adults.

I like that Esper' is constantly growing and evolving new languages and new dialects to better accommodate a wider range of people.

I like that Esper' has the potential to facilitate the eventual natural evolution of a universal human language designed by diverse members of humanity.

I like that Esper' has a beginner mode for learners to start in.

I'm not asking anyone else to like Esper' or any of its languages or dialects. So far everyone I know who's taken the time to learn about it has liked it, but that's a personal journey. I'm just sharing my opinion. I like Esper', and I would really like to see an Esperant' Esper' course on Duolingo, some day.

2 years ago

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If you are bilingual in English and Esper', you can volunteer to create a course. More info here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

2 years ago