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  5. "A horse and an elephant"

"A horse and an elephant"

Translation:Koń i słoń

December 15, 2015



How is the ń pronounced in words like koń and słoń? I'm struggling to make it out


Like "gn" in kognak


I would say it is a "n-y" sound, as in the word "new" (UK English) or as in "when you" if that makes sense...


Can't type the second letter in the Polish word for elephant on my keypad.


If you still can't type Ł, you can install a Polish keyboard layout on a PC or on a smartphone.

For Windows, open up the Windows menu from the taskbar and search "Region & language settings", go there and press "Add language".

For Android, go to "Settings" and scroll down to the bottom and press "Language and input", then "Samsung keyboard", then "Add input languages". I assume it's similar on an iPhone, either way it will be in some sort of settings.


What device? PC, Android, iPhone?

The letter ł (Ł) is a variant of L, that's one thing you should know.

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