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"Dlaczego ta książka jest ciekawa?"

Translation:Why is this book interesting?

December 15, 2015



'How is this book interesting?' would sound natural in Engish too. Would that also work in Polish: 'Jak książka jest ciekawa?'


Using 'how' instead of 'why' implies that you dont think the book is interesting, whereas 'why' is much more neutral. Not quite the same sentence.


That Polish sentence wouldn't work, but I added "how".


Is "dlaczego myślisz, że ta książka jest ciekawa?" a suitable translation for "why do you think this book is interesting?"


Could this question also be understood as "What makes this book interesting?"?


The meaning is similar, but I would translate that as follows:

Co sprawia/powoduje, że ta książka jest ciekawa


To remember the word order for Polish, I changed the sentence to, "why is it, this book is interesting?" This is not accepted as an answer when translating from Polish to English. Is there a reason why this does not work? Is it because it is a strange word order for English? Or does "why is it, this book is interesting?" translate as something else in Polish?

Thank you!


Our native contributor confirmed that the conjunction "that" can't be omitted in such a sentence.

"Why is it that this book is interesting?" will now be an accepted answer.

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