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  5. "У вас есть детская музыка?"

"У вас есть детская музыка?"

Translation:Do you have children's music?

December 15, 2015



the two suggested answers are not exactly consistent: kids' = children's, whereas kid's = child's.


Word-for-word translation consistency is not always to be expected.

детский сад ‧ kindergarten
детская коляска ‧ baby carriage
детский стишок ‧ nursery rhyme
детский дом ‧ orphanage
детское одеяло ‧ baby blanket
детские болезни ‧ childhood diseases
детское лицо ‧ baby face
детское воспоминание ‧ childhood memory
детская травма ‧ childhood trauma
детский труд ‧ child labour
детский день ‧ children's day
детский магазин ‧ children's store
детский госпиталь ‧ children's hospital
детский канал ‧ children's channel
детские танцы ‧ children's dances

Regional and social vernacular differences in the same language requires linguistic adaptation. A presentation of a topic to an audience possessing sophisticated topic knowledge will differ markedly to that of a presentation to an audience having no rudimentary topic knowledge.



Children's hospital - Детская больница


Is "do you have any children's music?" wrong?

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