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  5. "Do you like milk?"

"Do you like milk?"

Translation:Ви любите молоко?

December 15, 2015



How do you know when and what to change the ending of любит to?

[deactivated user]

    1st and 2nd person endings are only used with certain pronouns: я люблю́ 'I like', ти лю́биш 'you like' (informal singular), ми лю́бимо 'we like', ви лю́бите 'you like' (formal or plural).

    3rd person endings are used for all the other people. «Лю́бить» is used for one person: вона́ лю́бить 'she likes', Марі́йка лю́бить 'Mariyka likes', І́гор лю́бить 'Igor likes'. «Л́юблять» is used for more than one person: вони́ лю́блять 'they like', викладачі́ лю́блять 'professors like', Віра та Сергій лю́блять 'Vira and Serhiy like'.


    what is the difference between люблю and любйте

    [deactivated user]

      Люблю́ is the first-person singular form, it’s used with the pronoun «я»: «я люблю́» ‘I like / love’.

      «Лю́бите» is the 2nd person plural form, it’s used with the pronoun «ви»: «ви лю́бите» ‘you like / love’. (Note that it’s plural, but it can be used when addressing just one person for politeness.)

      It’s like ‘I am‘, ‘you are’, ‘he is’ in English: ‘am’ is used with ‘I’, ‘are’ is used with ‘you’

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